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Tree Removal

tree specialist working on removing tree

There are going to be times in your life when you may require tree removal services. You are going to want professional tree services for this work. The leading company for tree services in Columbia, MO., is right here with our team. Here at Como Tree Pros, we have been serving the region for many years, and we are the tree removing and tree trimming experts. We also handle brush clearing and stump removal, to name a few of the other services that we provide. As such, we have a wide skill set, and we are prepared to do whatever you need for tree removal services at your property.

Lots of Trees

If there are a lot of trees at your property, and if you need all of these trees to be removed, we are going to be able to do the removal work for you. We can focus on the task at hand, and we are going to be able to provide you with the tree removal results that you have been hoping for. We are also going to be able to remove the trees in a timely fashion. Our team is large enough and when you need a job done quickly, we are going to be able to dispatch more workers to your location.

Land Clearing

You may have a development project on your hands, or you may also have a need to remove trees at your property and have a clear space. No matter why you need clear land, if there are trees that need to be removed, we are there for you. We are not going to let trees stand in the way of your progress. We can provide timely and professional tree removal services. Not to mention, we are going to be able to do all of this work at the best prices in town. Our equipment and tools are the best of the best, and this means that we will get the best work done too.


No matter where the location of your property is, we are going to be there for you. Lots of times, when trees need to be removed, it occurs on the outskirts of town around new development areas. Our team is just the team that is right for that job. We are going to be able to go to the location of your property, and we are going to be able to remove the trees for you in an orderly and organized fashion. 

Logging Trucks

We have large logging trucks that are going to be able to haul away all of your old trees. For example, if you want to have old trees removed and sold for a profit, we are going to be able to transport the trees to the appropriate destination. There is no other team suited for this job aside from us. This is because our rates are going to ensure that you get the best profit possible. We are also going to be able to work in a calm and professional manner with you.